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January to December 2019

Founded September 2002, We celebrate our 17th anniversary starting September 2019.

Tuesday January 15,  2019   6:30 pm  “E.T. CONTACT - They are Here” film by Carolyn Cory.  This award winning film documents the jaw-dropping stories of individuals from around the world who share similar accounts of extraterrestrial and otherworldly encounters. Producer and host Caroline Cory, who has her own extensive history with the supernatural, takes the viewers on an extraordinary journey to uncover whether these seemingly independent yet parallel reports may actually be scientific evidence of a greater phenomenon at work. Through a series of groundbreaking on-camera experiments on human DNA, irrefutable science and interviews with leading scientists, viewers will find themselves pondering the nature of their own reality or yet the true origin of the human species. ET CONTACT may ultimately show that the traditionally unexplained is, in fact, far more attributable to science than fiction.  TOPICS INCLUDED: The planetary grid and its connection to UFO sightings (3D animation), telepathic communication, teleportation and space travel; Abduction, Hybridization and Star Language. To watch the trailer:

Directions: Tredyffrin Township Public Library-582 Upper Gulph Road, Strafford, PA 19087, a non profit educational organization coordinated by Mutual UFO Network State Section Rep Jennifer Stein, 610-613-0088.  Click here Directions link for directions and a map to the Tredyffrin Public Library.

Tuesday, Feb. 12th, 2019 Film :Calling Earth by Daniel Drasin Filmmaker Dan Drasin has worked for years on a documentary entitled “Calling Earth.” The Documentary’s focus is upon contacting deceased individuals using electronic devices, or as we know it, ITC. Calling Earth probes the puzzling phenomenon of Instrumental Trans-communication — apparent messages from the “other side” received through modern electronic and photographic devices. “ITC” has been well documented by researchers at least as far back as the 1950s when tape recorders first became available to the general public and unexplained voices began to show up in people’s recordings. For more information:

Directions: Tredyffrin Township Public Library-582 Upper Gulph Road, Strafford, PA 19087, a non profit educational organization coordinated by Mutual UFO Network State Section Rep Jennifer Stein, 610-613-0088.  Click here Directions link for directions and a map to the Tredyffrin Public Library.

Tuesday March 19, 2018, 6:30 PM – “Unacknowledged – We are not alone, We never were”  The newest film by Steven Greer. Steven Greer a tireless advocate for UFO truth and the end of secrecy on the secret space program has created a powerful documentary film jammed packed with supporting evidence from experts in their field of aerospace, government, commercial airline pilots, and ex-military personal involved in these programs become whistle blowers providing expert testimony. The film contains actual UFO footage, and classified documents that revealing extraterrestrial contact has been going on for a very long time. Greer describes the silent “coup d”etat that has kept this subject secret and hidden in plane site of everyone, but few have been brave enough to challenge the authorities in the way Greer has done. Greer’s film is a not to be missed important event. We are honored to have permission to share this film with Main Line MUFON.  For more information:

Directions: Tredyffrin Township Public Library-582 Upper Gulph Road, Strafford, PA 19087, a non profit educational organization coordinated by Mutual UFO Network State Section Rep Jennifer Stein, 610-613-0088.  Click here Directions link for directions and a map to the Tredyffrin Public Library.

Tuesday, April, 16th, 2019 Peter Robbins will return with an in depth presentation about the life of James Forestall our first Sectary of Defense.

Peter Robbins is one of America’s most respected UFO investigative writers. He’s been involved in the field for more than thirty-five years, as a researcher, investigator, writer, lecturer, activist, conference organizer, documentary producer and author. A regular fixture on US and UK radio, Peter has written for numerous online and print publications in the US, UK, and other countries and appeared as a guest on and been consultant to numerous television programs and documentaries. Robbins was a founding member of Budd Hopkins’ Intruders Foundation and was Hopkins’ assistant of for many years. He was Event Coordinator for the SCI FI Channel’s ‘Alien Abduction Phenomenon: A Symposium, organized to promote the release of the Steven Spielberg miniseries ‘Taken,’ and from 2007 until 2010 was a consultant to the City of Roswell NM and coordinator of their annual UFO symposium. In 2012 he was made a member of the French Académie d'Ufologie, and in 2013 invited to give testimony at the Citizen’s Hearings on Disclosure held at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. He is also an Associate Producer of the documentary “Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton.” Peter Robbins was born in New York City and holds a BFA in painting and film history from New York City’s School of Visual Arts (SVA) where he taught painting for more than a dozen years. He worked as a deckhand in the Norwegian merchant marine, freighter, was studio assistant to Abstract Expressionist painter Adolph Gotlieb, and house manager for New York City’s noted Mirror Repertory Company as well as other NYC-based theater groups. He is proud to have been a crisis intervention volunteer and shift supervisor for Samaritans International. Robbins is an experienced New York City touring guide, world traveler, accomplished photographer, and recipient of gold and platinum records for art direction. Peter Robbins has been a guest and consultant on numerous TV and radio shows, both here and abroad. Television appearances have included “The  Geraldo Show," "Borderline," "The SciZone, "Unexplained," "L'Odyssee De L'Etrange" (France), "Network First: UFO" (UK), “Paranormal Witness” (Horizon UK), "Lifetime" (Canada), "Digital Café" (Discovery International), Chilean National TV, French-Canadian television, and numerous BBC TV affiliates. Peter is a native New Yorker and makes his home in Ithaca New York.

Directions: Tredyffrin Township Public Library-582 Upper Gulph Road, Strafford, PA 19087, a non profit educational organization coordinated by Mutual UFO Network State Section Rep Jennifer Stein, 610-613-0088.  Click here Directions link for directions and a map to the Tredyffrin Public Library.

Tuesday, May, 14th, 2019, 6:30 pm Chase Kloskie, New evidence on the elongated sculls of Peru: Chase will bring 3-5 skulls with her as part of her power point presentation. She may also bring a 2000 year old baby mummy that she unwrapped and extracted DNA form as part of her research. Chase has made several trips to Peru, and Bolivia researching the origins Human species in that region developing and better understand of our ancient past, and the history of Humanity. She has done over 300 DNA and forensic samples from Peru alone. She has traveled extensively through the Jungles in the Amazon, Peru and Bolivia. Chase has been employed at the Department of Defense, and has a background in Bio-mechanical Engineering, and holds International certifications in forensic evidence collection.

Chase joined the Mu
tual UFO Network in 1996 and was selected as The Star Team Manager and Deputy Director of Investigations through 2011. She was responsible for the program design, protocols and investigation procedures for a national rapid response unit. This position included supervision of the most experienced investigators and access to the most sensitive and complex cases reported to MUFON. As of today, Chase leads the "Special Assignment Team" of experienced and specialized investigators in MUFON, responding to the reports that need specific and thorough attention. As an International CAG investigator, Chase focuses her attention on National UFO cases reported in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Central America.

In November of 2016, Chase became a registered and official LOBBYIST for the UFO Field. This goal was realized through a progressive understanding that to truly influence change and offer a knowledgeable  commentary on the realities of the UFO phenomenon, we must include our Nation's elected and the very people that are trusted as our Lawmakers. Her efforts will focus on document declassification and an Ombudsman role for witnesses and those most effected by unknown technologies. This is done through "THE FIELD REPORTS: A Science and Technology Investigation Group. 

Chase continues to be an active investigator, responding to reports and international cases. She has an extensive history in the field of Ufology and a diverse investigation background that includes MUFON Field reports to Ancient artifacts  as demonstrated by her study and "hands on" forensic contributions to the Elongated Skulls and The Star Child Skull, in which she maintains the Lead investigator. The "evidence" available in UFO events remains the focus as she keeps the standards high and the ethical aptitude in all she does. There is NO compromise when the truth is at stake.


Tuesday, June, 18th, 2019 Prepare for Personal Contact with Benevolent Finer-dimensional ETs. Marc is a rare Contactee, Conscious Channel and ‘Walk-in’ from highly advanced Dimensional Universals. He is able to often call in inter-dimensional Extraterrestrial Craft to be witnessed and photographed. You might say he can ‘remote view’ his ET family at will. He is a featured Contactee in the award winning fi lm, by James Carman, ‘The Hidden Hand’. Marc’s presence in the film provides the benevolent aspect of human ET interaction. Marc is here as a cogent reminder that ‘We Are Not Alone’ and never have been. His ongoing ‘contact’ with Benevolent Universal ETs was documented in the late 70’s when his amazing prolifi c UFO Photography attracted multiple UFO organizations. His ET Contact and UFO Photography continue to this day. On August 10, 2015 Marc physically met an Extraterrestrial from the Ashtar Command in Central Park where he often goes to meditate and shoot UFOs. The ET’s name is Balthon, but did not reveal himself as an ET until a week later, though Marc suspected something was odd about this benevolent young man. Minutes after Balthon left, Marc was teleported onto one of the Ashtar Command’s etheric lightships and lost approximately 24 minutes as documented in his UFO photographs that day. Marc’s wife Phyllis, subsequently met Balthon in a shared lucid dream (out-of-body) a while later to her surprise and delight. In this lecture, Marc will discuss some of his favorite UFO images, Encounters and introduce you to his Extraterrestrial Family. He will endeavor to enlighten you on how to attract your own encounter with benevolent, finer-dimensional extraterrestrials, should you desire it. If there is time, he will debut some the incredible ET Universal Symbols he has consciously accessed from 12+ dimensional space. Marc is available for lectures, seminars, workshops, radio and TV. For information please contact Marc at: Facebook Marc Brinkerhoff Follow on

Follow on Facebook ~

Marc’s Websites: UFO Site: ~ Animal Art Site: UFO Photographer, My ET Encounters & Mystic Art: Channel:

 Directions: Tredyffrin Township Public Library-582 Upper Gulph Road, Strafford, PA 19087, a non profit educational organization coordinated by Mutual UFO Network State Section Rep Jennifer Stein, 610-613-0088.  Click here Directions link for directions and a map to the Tredyffrin Public Library.


Tuesday, September, 17th, 2019 - 6:30 pm, Alan Glassman, The “Occultural” Phenomenon of Joseph P. Farrell, An Alternative Interpretation of History. Every once in a while in the development of Western thought there comes along an individual whose ideas challenge the norms of accepted historical narrative.  Such is the case with the currently popular and influential American author, researcher, and alternative media personality, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, who now maintains an authority status on the Web and in alternative literary thinking. To better understand the development of his ideas, we will look at Dr. Farrell’s evolving theses as represented in his writing over the past 20 years while keeping in mind that the vast body of his work contains much of what he calls “high octane speculation.”  After an extensive academic background, Dr. Farrell’s first unorthodox writing venture consisted of a trilogy entitled The Giza Death Star in which he states that there is evidence the Giza Pyramids where originally constructed by some “paleoancient” Very High Civilization and that they served as a military compound for which the structures were used as powerful weapons of mass destruction.  We will follow the development of Dr. Farrell’s thinking through the technology thereby employed and trace its refinement and use in modern times, including the Nazi Bell, control by international bankers, rogue networks and their hidden finance, the existence of “breakaway civilizations” in our midst, Antarctica, and much more. Alan Glassman is a retired architect who now channels his efforts to his long-time passion for research in post-quantum physics and metaphysical studies with groups based in New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. His interests take him to many parts of the world as a photographer and speaker while he pursues subjects such as alternative energy sources, sacred geometry, archaeology, and investigative mythology. He is a strong advocate for moving away from a fossil fuel-based economy. For the past few years, Alan has been writing book reviews and articles for New Dawn magazine.

 Directions: Tredyffrin Township Public Library-582 Upper Gulph Road, Strafford, PA 19087, a non profit educational organization coordinated by Mutual UFO Network State Section Rep Jennifer Stein, 610-613-0088.  Click here Directions link for directions and a map to the Tredyffrin Public Library.

Tuesday, October, 15th 2019, 6:30 pm Warren Scott Fentress. -  Current Research in Human Contact with Non-Terrestrial Intelligence. MUFON CT Field Investigator, Engineer, Composer, Educator and Inventor of The ProScan animation synthesizer, Tetraphonics 4D sound, and MagneBlocks construction play set, and his new work on Sphereology.  He began his career as an electro-optic engineer, working at Hughes Aircraft on a secret DoD project, then developed software for Paramount Pictures, Sony, Pfizer and more. He has been actively learning about UFO's, NTI and the Hidden Hand since his youth. His father was a test engineer of the spacesuit used from Mercury to Apollo, and worked on the National Aerospace Plane before retiring.  After researching the field for years, Warren had a daytime sighting in 2014, then joined MUFON. He continues to research this fascinating reality of our universe.    Directions: Tredyffrin Township Public Library-582 Upper Gulph Road, Strafford, PA 19087, a non profit educational organization coordinated by Mutual UFO Network State Section Rep Jennifer Stein, 610-613-0088.  Click here Directions link for directions and a map to the Tredyffrin Public Library.

Tuesday, November, 19th, 2019,  Joseph Flammer & Diane Hill (The Paranormal Adventurers) Ghosts: Beyond the Grave, You’ve seen MUFON Field Investigator Joseph Flammer electrify the room when he spoke about UFOs before Main Line MUFON in April 2017. Now hear Mr. Flammer and his longtime investigations partner, Diane Hill, speak on the bone-chilling topic of ghosts and the paranormal. Together they are known as The Paranormal Adventurers. Unlike many ghost investigators on television, Joseph and Diane believe love is the reason many spirits visit people, returning from the grave to say in one fashion or another, “I love you”; though they acknowledge a large percentage of visitations seem to have no immediate relevance to those often-terrified people the sprits visit; and as investigators, they don’t fully understand the often-dreadful mechanisms by which hauntings materialize. As investigators, they do not subscribe to the notion that ghosts are evil entities or demons. They do agree, however, that spirit hauntings are often dark and terrorizing, with voice recordings from haunted places sometimes terribly frightening with filthy curses and indecent messages from the other side. The duo believes ghost are part of nature and thus part of life itself, though often not viewed this way in the Western World. Ghosts are mysterious. Together Joseph and Diane have written three books about ghosts and conducted scores of paranormal investigations. They have seen ghosts and experienced the breathless awfulness of unexpected and unexplained encounters. Joseph and Diane have spoken before packed audiences almost 700 times over the last fifteen years, mostly on Long Island and in New York City, where sometimes strange, paranormal events have occurred before onlookers as a result of their appearance. Might it happen again when you are there? Do not miss this program if you are currently dealing with a ghost of the Haunting Type or feel you are often visited by an unseen presence or presences. There might be something specifically intended for you to hear, arranged by the sleight-of-hand of the paranormal and brought to you by Long Island’s most famous ghost hunters. It’s happened before. Do not discount the power of the paranormal.

Directions: Tredyffrin Township Public Library-582 Upper Gulph Road, Strafford, PA 19087, a non profit educational organization coordinated by Mutual UFO Network State Section Rep Jennifer Stein, 610-613-0088.  Click here Directions link for directions and a map to the Tredyffrin Public Library.

Tuesday, December, 17th, 2019. Anna Manalo, writing under the name of Adele Casales Rocha has traveled extensively to over 26 countries and has compiled accounts of terrifying and uncanny experiences in both her native country of the Philippines and abroad.  Trained as a therapist and with over 25 years of experience as a school counselor, Anna Manalo presents cases from her native country of the Philippines and from countries such as France, Morocco and Thailand, terrifying witness accounts of aliens, cryptids, ghosts, demonic entities and thought forms.  Using her interviewing skills garnered from her years as a research assistant at Yale University and as a rehabilitation counselor for the Devereux Foundation, she brings to light in her first book a harvest of information of a very uncanny variety.  From WWII to present day, both acquaintances and strangers from tourist destinations retell stories of hauntings, demonic and nature spirits and the author's own encounters with UFO's and tormented spirits. In Anna's lifelong experience with the unexplained comes a compilation which includes never before explored cases from her year as a Field Investigator and Dispatcher for MUFON PA.   Her first book, "Portal: A Lifetime of Paranormal Experiences" will be presented, highlighting the most bizarre cases such as "The Creature of Little Baguio", where her own father encountered a Mothman-like entity, a CE2 case which led to radiation burns, a case from France of "standing deer" and up close in Bucks County, where an unexpected "portal" seem to exist on the Delaware River on a lonely and remote bridge.  Anna will also provide a preview of her second book, "Portal: MORE Stories", at the end of the presentation.   Anna has travelled to over 26 countries and has experienced both hauntings in her native country and overseas.  She has encountered UFO cases in her own community as an investigator, a stint which led to her own involvement in the show "UFO's Over Earth" for the Discovery Channel. Anna can be reached on her facebook page under her author name, Adele Casales Rocha.   She has placed in several screenplay competitions in the United States.  

Anna Maria Elisa Manalo


World Mobile: 267-884-3290

Tuesday , January 21, 2020, 6:30 pm    Touched - A Film about John Mack,  By Laurel Chiten.  This film features in depth interviews with “experiencers” that worked closely with John Mack to better understand their experiences and how these experiences effected their lives in profoundly important ways.  The film offers a uniquely contemplative perspective on the Alien abduction phenomenon and presents the experiencers and their stories with sensitivity, respect, and without judgement.  This is a one-hour film.



Tuesday Feburary 18, 2020,  6:30 pm   a few short Films - Possibly  from “Encounters from another Dimension”

Tuesday March 17, 2020,  6:30 pm Film- A film about George Van Tassle’s famous events in the desserts of Nevada and his Integritron building he built.  “Calling all Earthlings” by Johnathan Berman. Possible skype interview with film producer after the screening. 

Tuesday April 21, 2020,  6:30 pm April 17,  2020  Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Contact and Transformation Individuals from all walks of life, all around the planet, are having contact experiences with Nonhuman Intelligent Beings, called ETs, aliens, energy beings, angels, “inter-dimensional’s” and other terms. Many persons report profound, positive changes as a result: physical and psychic transformations similar to kundalini awakenings; cosmic consciousness; openings of the heart chakra; and a new awareness of the emerging “Trans-dimensional Earth” that will expand into what are presently alternate realities. Related are NDEs, OBEs, and new views on the afterlife and reincarnation. Some statistical findings of global experiencer surveys is included, as well as the impact on individuals and global humanity. Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a bestselling author and a researcher in the paranormal, contact experiences, afterlife studies, spirit communication and UFO/ET experiences. She has written and compiled more than 65 books, including UFOs and the ET Presence, The Road to Strange: Aliens, UFOs and High Strangeness, and Slips in Time and Space. She runs Visionary Living, Inc., a publishing and media company and is executive editor of FATE magazine. She is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast with George Noory. Her websites are and

Upcoming speakers for 2020 planning to present with dates pending:

Annabella Wood to discuss  trip to Peru with vibrational experiments

Mariann Smith to present on Megalithic monuments around the world

Allen Steinfeild of New Realities TV in NYC to speak on the Consciousness of ET contact.

Tuesday May 19th 2020,  6:30 pm

Tuesday June 16th 2020, 6:30 pm

Tuesday September 15, 2020, 6:30 pm

Tuesday October 20,  2020, 6:30 pm

Tuesday November 17, 2020,  6:30 pm

Tuesday December 15, 2020  6:30 pm

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Jennifer W Stein founded Main Line MUFON in 2002 providing free monthly programing at the Tredyffrin Public Library in Radnor PA. Main Line MUFON serves as a branch of Mutual UFO Network of PA providing public education about of the UFO phenomena, and other area of interest to the Main Line of Philadelphia.

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