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Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell speaks out about the massive UFO cover up that has been going on for the last 60 years. Jennifer Stein has met with Dr. Mitchel thru her work with Noetic Science’s in San Francisco in July 2012.

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More On Jessie Marcell Jr.

AUGUST 28, 2013 1:54 PM  •  ASSOCIATED PRESS Article

Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., who said he handled debris from the 1947 crash of an unidentified flying object near Roswell, N.M., has died at the age of 76.

Denice Marcel said her father was found dead at his home in Helena on Saturday, less than two months after making his last trip to Roswell. He had been reading a book about UFOs.

Over the past 35 years, Marcel Jr. appeared on TV shows, documentaries and radio shows; was interviewed for magazine articles and books, and traveled the world lecturing about his experiences in Roswell.

"He was credible. He wasn't lying. He never embellished _ only told what he saw," his wife Linda said.

Marcel's father was an Air Force intelligence officer and reportedly the first military officer to investigate the wreckage in early July 1947. Marcel Jr. said he was 10 when his father brought home some of the debris, woke him up in the middle of the night and said the boy needed to look at it because it was something he would never see again.

His father maintained the debris "was not of this Earth," Linda Marcel said. "They looked through the pieces, tried to make sense of it."

The item that Marcel Jr. said fascinated him the most was a small beam with some sort of purple-hued hieroglyphics on it, she said.

After an initial report that a flying saucer had been recovered on a ranch near Roswell, the military issued a statement saying the debris was from a weather balloon.

"They were told to keep it quiet and they did for years and years and years," Linda Marcel said. Interest in the case was revived, however, when physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman spoke with Jesse Marcel Sr. in the late 1970s.

Friedman wrote the foreword to Marcel Jr.'s 2007 book "The Roswell Legacy," and described him as a courageous man who "set a standard for honesty and decency and telling the truth."

"His legacy is that he had the courage to speak out when he didn't have to about handling wreckage that his Dad brought home," Friedman said Tuesday. "He worked with artists to come up with what the symbols on the wreckage looked like. He didn't have to do that. He could have kept his mouth shut. A lot of people did."

On his last trip to Roswell in early July, UFO researcher and Earth science professor Frank Kimbler arranged for Marcel to visit his childhood home and the debris site.

"I remember my dad did say that he loved the ride up to the site that day because he was able to discuss science with Frank," Denice Marcel said in an email to The Associated Press. "One thing about my Dad, he was always reading something on astronomy or some kind of scientific journal. He loved astronomy with a passion."

Marcel Jr. graduated from medical school at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in 1961 and joined the U.S. Navy in 1962. He retired after nine years and later joined the Montana Army National Guard and became a flight surgeon in 1981. He was called back to active duty in October 2004 and served as a flight surgeon in Iraq for just over a year. He reached the rank of colonel.

He worked as an ear, nose and throat doctor and retired from the Veterans Administration Hospital at Fort Harrison, west of Helena, all of which lent credibility to his story.

"I know that one of the things that Dad would love to say is, `If we are the only ones here then there is an awful lot of wasted space out there,'" Denice Marcel said. "He wasn't the first one to say this, but he did believe it. He also believed that everyone needed to know the truth, and that the Roswell Incident was a real event and that it was time for the cover-up to stop."

He is survived by his wife and eight children. Funeral services are pending.

Jennifer Stein’s memories of one very special week she spent with Jessie Marcell.

Five years ago I was invited as Peter Robbins general assistant to help run the 2010 Roswell UFO conference.

During the planning of the conference it became apparent that the conference wanted to honor Jessie Marcell JR. but might not have the budget to fly him in, So I spent a month locating sponsorship and arranging travel details to get him to Roswell to make sure Jessie Marcell Jr. could  be honored as he deserved.  I'm so glad I did as got to be the driver who picked Jessie Marcell Jr. up at the Airport and kept a close eye on this war veteran for the week. I took it upon myself to take him to Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner when-ever he was unattended, and treated him with special VIP status of the conference, at his beckon call when he needed.  A dream come true for me. This would be the third time we had met and a very unique opportunity to spend special one on one time with Jessie.

 Somehow over the corse of our drive from the airport I asked him if he had been back to his childhood home to see it, and he said no he had not. I committed to finding his home with him and we booked an afternoon driving tour.  I invited Tom Ruffle to document this tour because I was driving and could not hold a camera at the same time. Tom delighted at the opportunity and produced a fabulous short special video posted online for Open Minds TV. Link to video : Even though the town is small and has not changed a whole lot since 1947 it was still hard to locate the house. After about 20 minutes of driving around we found it, This is captured on film and is priceless to see the excitement in his eyes as we got out and walked around the house…

We continued our video tour visiting the air force base were his father worked and seeing the hanger the wreckage and "spoken of" bodies were taken to before being flown to Wright Paterson air force base in Ohio. 

Jessie was definitely suffering from PTSD from his most recent call to serve his county, one of three he did in Iraq as a flight Physician/surgeon.  He was already 65- or 67 at the time ( fact check )  when he was called back to active duty after he retired from the reserves serval years before,   (need to fact check specifics of his age and how many terms of service in Iraq. ( what other wars did he serve) ( Vietnam? & Korea?) He spent a lot of time in Helicopters that were equip as flying medic centers and when he was not being a physician he was on his machine gun post which stuck out the side of the helicopter. Having been in several incidents in which they took heavy fire, his nerves were shot.  

Example: One mornings we went to a bustling Denies restaurant next to the embassy suites hotel in Roswell for breakfast. As we sat in our booth not far from the swinging kitchen door when suddenly there was a crash of a stack of dishes as it often the case in a noisy busy restaurant. Something that is an everyday occurrence and ignored by most of us or laughed at by those who would bother to notice. For Jessie this sudden unexpected loud violent sound sent him hurdling 3 feet in the air banging his war beaten braced legs into the underside of our booth table while he grasped for something to hold on to as if expecting danger to continue.

What most of us would call " Way Over Reacting". Instantly his extreme reaction caused me to be alarmed thinking it was something more than just a small stack of dishes crashing to the floor. With in a minute we both realized it was just the dishes and that we had now attracted unwanted attention from the tables around us with strange looks like " How much coffee have they had" or "What's your problem" .  I felt Jessie's embarrassment flush over him with the realization we were being judged by the people around us…  

Then all at once looking at each other we both began to speak at the same time, speaking over each other,  each time,  synchronistic. There was an awkwardness like you might expect on a first date where no one knows what the correct thing is to do when something slightly embarrassing happens.   The moment was both awkward and profound, and it spoke volumes to me about the depth of this man before me. 

I too had  experienced PTSD in 1992.  Our house collapsed around me in a tornado that almost killed me and my two young children who were then missing for a few long minutes.  I had nightmares and was as scarily jumpy and overly reactive for a few weeks. You don't know what it is like to you have been there.   It was like the adrenal rush you have when you experience a near miss car accident and moments later when your out of danger you panic, and can't calm down as you would like But it can lasts for months and months, for some people, years.

Here was a man I hardly knew personally,  but deeply respected for his bravery, the fact he was a senior veteran,  a skilled physician and someone who had undergone years of continued reticule for his life long commitment to the truth of their story.  Jessie's dad brought home very unusual crash site debris and asked his 11 year old son at 1:00 in the morning to help him sort thru it on their kitchen floor in Roswell New Mexico in July of 1947. The event that changed both their lives and many other around the world.  

I reached out across the table and took his hand, looked Jessie in the eye saying " I have had PTSD, you don't need to explain a thing to me, I get it. It's alight" Thinking to myself " We won't come back here tomorrow for breakfast, we will find a small mom and pop breakfast spot and have a Mexican egg burrito"  Jessie looked back at me seaming like he could burst into tears at any moment,  yet strong enough to know he did not need to, he smiled a little to quickly and nervously and nodded all at the same time and said " Oh!,  So then you know, I have this too!". He stuttered a bit explaining his most recent attack and heavy gun fire he had experienced in Iraq, I told him about the tornado. We were then buddies for the battles we'd been thru.  

This began a very special week I had with Jessie Marcell Jr. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know this man during these few days we had during the International Roswell UFO conference. He was an honest man who gained nothing from his testimony to his story but a lot of flack and ridicule for his honesty around the events his father was fatefully drawn into. He defended his dads integrity and his own till the day he died. That speaks volumes to me and cuts thru an eternity of ridicule designed to try to suppress the veracity of their experiences.

Jessie, the world needs more people like you!  You are missed and loved. God be with you and may you really Rest in Peace. You deserve it! 

Respectfully submitted by Jennifer W. Stein--

Jennifer W. Stein

State Section Director MUFON PA

Founder: Main Line MUFON

Philadelphia Suburban Region

Home 610-688-4946

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A recommended book list from Paul Schubert Main Line MUFON Member:

For those interested in learning more about this list of books, on a wide range of topics - spiritual, the universe, ancient civilizations, and related topics - or on some specific topic within this total list, please contact Paul Schubert, the list's creator, for further information. Paul's phone # is: 484-319-0498. And his email address is:

A Wide Ranging List of Topics in Developing Planetary, Climate Change, Personal Development Matters & Ancient Civilizations:



1/ Precursor Materials: Cosmological & Investigation Areas on the Story of Man:


Edgar Cayce's "Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man," 1972.


"AmerIndian Myths & Mysteries," Vincent Gaddis. 1977.


"Living the Sky: The Cosmos of the American Indian" - Ray A. Williamson. 1984.


"1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus" - Charles C. Mann. 2005, 2006.


"American Indian Prophecies: Conversations with Chasing Deer" - Kurt Kaltreider, PhD. 1998.


"The View From the Center of the Universe: Discovering Our Extraordinary Place in the Cosmos," Joel Primack & Nancy E. Abrams. 2006.


"The Sacred Balance: Discovering Our Place in Nature" - David Suzuki with Amanda McConnell & Adrience Mason. (Updated & Expanded). 1997, 2002, & 2007.


"The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time & the Texture of Reality," Brian Greene. 2004.


"The Web of Life: A Scientific Understanding of Living Systems" - Fritjof Capra. 1996.


"Symmetry: A Journey Into the Patterns of Nature" - Marcus du Sautoy. 2008.


"The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution & Future of the Human Animal" - Jared Diamond. 1992.


"Coming of Age in the Milky Way," Timothy Ferris. 1998.


"The Day We Found the Universe: The 1925 discovery that the actual universe is far larger than our Milky Way galaxy, inclusive of the multiple scientific processes that produced this discovery" - Marcia Bartusiak. 2009.


"Gallileo's Mistake," Wade Rowland. 2001.


"Seeing Further: The Story of Science, Discovery & the Genius of the Royal Society," Bill Bryson. 2010.


 "Life Everywhere" (The Maverick Science of Astrobiology) - David Darling. 2001.


"The Illustrated History of Time (Updated & Expanded Edition)/The Universe in a Nutshell" - Stephen Hawking. 2001.


"Einstein: His Life & Universe" - Walter Isaacson. 2007.


"The Making of the Atomic Bomb" - Richard Rhodes. 1986.


"Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb" - Richard Rhodes. 1995.


"Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed" - Jared Diamond. 2005.


"Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable" - Nassim Nicholas Taleb. 2007.


"Complexity:The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order & Chaos" - M. Michael Waldrop. 1992.


"At Home in the Universe: The Search for the Laws of Self-Organization & Complexity" - Stuart Kauffman. 1995.


"Contact" - Carl Sagan. 1985.


"Cosmos" - Carl Sagan. 1980.


"The Illustrated Atlas of the Universe" - Mark A Garlick & (Star Maps - Wil Tirion) 2006.


"The Earth Machine: The Science of a Dynamic Planet" - Edmond A. Mathez &  James D. Webster. 2004.


"The Lost Language of Plants: The Ecological Importance of Plant Medicines to Life on Earth" - Steven Harrod Buhner. 2002.


"Smithsonian Earth: The Definitive Visual Guide to Our Planet" - Editor in Chief James F. Luhr. 2005.


"Extinction: How Life on Earth Nearly Ended 250 Million Years Ago" - Douglas H. Erwin. 2006.


"The Search for Solutions: How We Know What We Know About the Universe & How We Know It's True" - Horace Freeland Judson. 1980.


"Stephen Hawking:Unfettered Mind" - Kitty Ferguson. 2012.



1A/ Ancient Egyptian, Middle American & Related Ancient Civilizations Sub-Section


"Egypt: Child of Atlantis: A Radical Interpretation of the Origins of Civilization" - John Gordon. 1997, 2004.


"The Egyptian Miracle: An Introduction to the Wisdom of the Temple" - R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz. 1963.


"The Keys of Egypt:The Race to Crack the Hieroglyph Code" - Lesley & Roy Adkins. 2000.


"Pyramid Quest: Secrets of the Great Pyramid & the Dawn of Civilization," Robert Schoch. 2005.


"Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt," John Anthony West. 1979.


"Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids (Dimensional Analysis of Original Drawings by Hugh Harleston & Historic Illustrations From Many Sources)" - Peter Tompkins. 1976.


"Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt: Advanced Engineering in the Temples of the Pharoahs" - Christopher Dunn. 2010.  


"The Egypt Code: Unveiling a Sacred Landscape/Developing the Pyramind/Star Correlation" - Robert Bauval. 2008.


"Forgotten Civilizations: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past & Future" - Robert Schoch, PhD. 2012.



2/ Personal Growth Areas:


"Journey Into the Light," Isha Schwaller de Lubicz. 1960. A modern Hermetic Philosophy approach.


"The Politics of Experience," - R.D. Laing. 1967. Laing's work is one of the most exploratory pyschological series of essays of his time. Please mainly look into his chapter on "The Ten Day Voyage," pages 102-117/Chapter 7.


"The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond the Self," Michael Singer. 2007.


"The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom," Angeles Arrien. 2007.


"With Purpose: Going From Success to Significance in Work & Life" - Ken Dychtwald PhD & Daniel J. Kadlec. 2009.


"Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich" - Duane Elgin. 1981, 2010.


"The Seven Habits of Effective People: Powerful Lessons In Personal Change" - Stephen R. Covey. 1989 & 2004. Note: Covey has since come out with a new book on what he considers to be a beneficial 8th habit of personal change.


"The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Middle Age" - Marianne Williamson. 2008.


"Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work & the Business of Life" - David Allen. 2008.


"Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow: Discovering Your Right Livelihood" - Marsha Sinetar. 1987.


"In Pursuit of Elegance:Why the Best Ideas Have Something Missing" - Matthew E. May. 2009.


"Supermind/Ultimate Energy: How to Awaken Your Supermentality for a More Productive Future" - Barbara B. Brown. 1980.


"The Wisdom Paradox: How Your Mind Can Grow Stronger As Your Brain Grows Older" - Elkhonon Goldberg, PhD. 2005.


"New Passages: Mapping Your Life Across Time" - Gail Sheehy. 1995.


"Deep Survival/Who Lives, Who Dies & Why: True Stories of Miraculous Endurance & Sudden Death" - Laurence Gonzales. 2003.


"Callings: Finding & Following An Authentic Life" - Gregg Levoy. 1997.


"The Dark Side of the Light Chasers: Reclaiming Your Power, Creativity, Brilliance & Dreams" - Debbie Ford. 1998.


"Working Smart: How to Accomplish More in Half the Time" - Michael Leboeuf. 1979.


"Your Greatest Strength" - Grant Lewi. (An intensive look at personal zodiac signs. These individual chapters describe the central strength of each sign together with its opposite, but closely related weakness.) 1946, 1973.


"Focusing: A guide/technique for personal transformation" - Eugene J. Gendlin, PhD. 1978, 1981.


"The Storm Before the Calm: A New Human Manifesto (Book #1 in the New Conversations With Humanity Series)" - Neale Donald Walsch. 2011.


"The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing" - Esther & Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham). 2006.


"The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life & World" - Lynne McTaggart. 2007/2008.



3/ Areas of Current Scienitfic/Technological Advances:


"The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World" - Zach Lynch with Bryan Laursen. 2009, 2010.


"Present at the Future: From Evolution to Nanotechnology, Candid Conversations on Science & Nature" - Ira Flatow (Host of National, Public Radio's Science Friday). 2007.


"Steve Jobs" - Walter Isaacson. 2011.


"World Changing: A User's Guide for the 21st Century," Edited by Alex Steffen. 2011.



4/Climate Change & Sustainability Materials (Some Examples):


"The End of the Long Summer: Why We Must Remake Our Civilization to Survive on a Volatile Earth" - Diane Dumanoski. 2009.


"Deep Future: The Next 100,000 Years of Life on Earth" - Curt Stager. 2011.


"Climate Change: Picturing the Science" - Gavin Schmidt & Joshua Wolfe. 2009.


"Dire Predictions/Understanding Global Warming: The Illustrated Guide to the Findings of the (United Nations) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)" - Michael E. Mann & Lee R. Kump. 2004.


"The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight: The Fate of the World & What We Can Do About It" - Thom Hartmann. 1998, 1999, & 2004.


"Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Harms the Planet & Threatens Our Lives" - Michael Specter. 2009, 2010.


"Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism" - Sharon Beder. 1997, 2002.


"Hot, Flat & Crowded: Why We Need A Green Revolution & How It Can Renew America" - Thomas L. Friedman. 2008, 2009.


"The Story of Stuff: The Impact of Overconsumption on the Planet, Our Communities, & Our Health & How We Can Make It Better" - Annie Leonard. 2010.


"Coming Clean: Breaking America's Addiction to Oil & Coal" - Michael Brune (A Sierra Club book). 2008, 2010.  


"Eating the Sun: Plants Power the Planet" - Oliver Morton. 2008.


"Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-friendly Life" - Ed Begley Jr. 2008.


"The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift" - Andres R. Edwards. 2005.


"Sustainability by Design: A Subversive Strategy for Transforming Our Consumer Culture" - John R. Ehrenfeld. 2008.


"The Natural Step for Communities: How Cities & Towns Can Change to Sustainable Practices" - Sarah James & Torbjorn Lahti. 2004.


"The Hidden Connections: Integrating the Biological, Cognitive & Social Dimensions of Life Into a Science of Sustainability" - Fritof Capra. 2002.


"Green Gone Wrong: How Our Economy Is Undermining the Environmental Revolution" - Heather Rogers. 2010.


"Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization" - Lester R. Brown. 2009.


Note: I also belong to a Chester County grass roots group on climat change - Chester County Citizens for Climate Protection. I have other books on this topic too.



5/ Extraterrestrial & Related Current Large Scale Universal lssues


"Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government's Biggest Coverup," Thomas Carey & Donald Schmitt. 2011.


"UFOs: Generals, Pilots & Goverment Officials Going on the Record," Leslie Kean. 2010.


"The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration & Awakening of the World Mind," Barbara Hand Clow. 2007.


"Supernatural: Meeting With the Ancient Teachers of Mankind," Graham Hancock. 2007.


"Extra Planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact & the Expansion of Consciousness," Thomas J. Streicher, PhD. 2012.


"Cosmic Voyages: A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth," Courtney Brown, PhD. 1996.


"2012 & the Galactic Center: The Return of the Great Mother," Christine R. Page, MD. 2008.


"The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman: Health, Creativity & Fertility of the Soul" - Christine R. Page, M.D. 2013.


"The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science & Lost Civilizations behind the 2012 Prophecies." - David Wilcox. 2011.



Physician who told of handling Roswell debris dies


See story below, to the right.

Jennifer W Stein & Tom Ruffle from Open Minds TV took Jessie Marcell Jr to see his childhood Roswell home for the first time in July of 2010 and filmed the event.

Rick Anthony of Radnor Studio 21 Wayne PA interviews Main Line MUFON host Jennifer W. Stein. Jennifer is a State Section Director for the Mutual UFO Network. The show is called 30 minutes with Rick Anthony.

Main Line MUFON is a new program now airing regularly at Radnor Studio Channel 21 Public access television for Radnor Township on the Main Line of Philadelphia.

Host Jennifer Stein, founder of Main Line MUFON interviews monthly program guest for the station. Show air Tuesday evenings at 10:30 pm

In November 2011 Jennifer W. Stein interviewed Peter Robbins about his book Left at East Gate for the Radnor Studio 21 Channel in Wayne. Peter Robbins, Co-Author of “Left at East Gate- A First-Hand Account of the Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO Incident, It’s cover up and Investigation”

Governor Fife Symington speaks to CNN about the Phoenix Lights. We hosted Dr. Lynne Kitei in October 2011. Dr. Kitei Presented her documentary about the Phoenix Lights, and discussed what has happened since the 1997 sighting. In this CNN News Clip, The former Governor confirms that he in fact saw these lights himself, but debunked the sighting at first to suppress hysteria over the event that was getting to much press attention at the time.

Suzanne Taylor presented for Main Line MUFON on April 12, 2011

Suzanne from Los Angelos, CA, was on her way to host an the opening of her film in N. Y. C. called “What on Earth?”. This film is about crop circles. The N. Y. Times gave it a great review! We saw it first and we gave it a thumbs up too!

Suzanne screened a 52 minute version of her film “What on Earth?” If you missed it,  you can see a glimpse of what she presented at the Tredyffrin Public Library here. Suzanne’s  film opened April 22 in New York City at the Quad Cinema. “What on Earth?” got an excellent review from the New York Times and we celebrate her success. Thanks Suzanne for bringing your film and your journey to us here at Pennsylvania MUFON in April.

To purchase video’s of our past conference speakers or monthly presenter please contact : Bob Terrio.

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Most dvd’s are  $15.00 plus postage.

A percentage of the the sale of these DVD’s goes to help support the activities of MUFON PA, and MUFON national.

A brilliant video demonstration of Quantum Trapping from Tel Aviv University. Super conductive materials using a sapphire crystal coated with super conductive materials, cooled with liquid nitrogen and floated above a magnetic rail, allows for frictionless movement. As we gain more understanding of new material processes the previously impossible, becomes possible.

The world will miss Jessie Marcell Jr, son of the infamous Captain Jessie Marcell Sr. who found the Roswell debris crash site on Mac Brazel’s ranch in July of 1947. Jennifer Stein with Tom Ruffle from Open Minds T.V. took Jessie Jr. back to see his childhood home.  His dad woke him up at 1:00 am and asked him to look for special parts in the crashed wreckage he had unpacked all over their kitchen floor.  His dad has just come home from the crash site and would take the debris to the air force base in the morning. Jessie reported seeing memory foil in the wreckage. We will miss you Jessie! Gob be with you on you new journey!

Watch Jennifer W. Stein presenting on Crop Circles for this Internet TV show called 30 Odd Minutes. 30 Odd minutes is a television show produced for the web and picked up by many free public stations.   Click here for Link to 30 Odd Minutes

Video clips below have captions below the video’s that describe the videos, Some are interviews Jennifer has conducted or Jennifer Stein being interviewed by others.

Jennifer Stein’s interview at Radnor Studio Channel 21 with author Laird Scranton from Albany New York. Mr. Scranton has written several books about the origin of mankind’s religious beliefs and philosophies, including early spiritual traditions and belief systems, early architecture,  early astronomy, and early math and science encoding into architecture.  There is overwhelming evidence that mankind’s history is much older, and more comprehensive than previously thought.

Jennifer Stein and Bob Terrio co-produced a documentary film about Travis Walton. The film was released Feb 19, 2015 at the Open Minds International UFO Conference in Scottsdale Arizona. Here is a clip of an interview associate producer Peter Robbins and Jennifer Stein conducted with George Knapp about Travis Walton, and his story, in September of 2014. To learn more about this film Visit:

Jennifer is interviewed by John Ventre host of UFO’s Over Pittsburg. The topic of the interview was why Jennifer Made the Travis Walton Film.

Jennifer Interviews author Stephan Reading about his multiple near death experiences that sound almost impossible to have survived, yet he has 14 times. Listen to the gifts these experiences have given Stephan Reading.

Radnor Studio Channel 21 Public Access television serving the main line of Philadelphia has it’s own MUFON focused Television series, sponsored in part  by Main Line MUFON, hosted by is founder Jennifer W Stein. More Main Line MUFON Programing can be found at this link.


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