Spring 2020 Mutual UFO Network Conference

Bucks County Sheraton -  June 5 - 6, 2020


    Jennifer W. Stein

    State Section Director 

    For Public Awareness

    Phila. Western suburbs 

    Main Line MUFON Coordinator

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    John Doucette

    PA State Director PA MUFON

    Fred Saluga

    Assistant State Director PA

    Dan Medleycott

    Chief Investigator

    State Section Director, State Section Three

    Berks, Lebanon, Schuylkill, Juniata, Northumberland, Snyder, Union, Montour, Columbia, Lycoming

    Donna Luther:

    State Section Director, State Section One

    Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia, Bucks, Lehigh, Carbon & Northampton

    Fran Iannitto:

    State Section Director, State Section Four

    Monroe, Pike, Luzerne, Wyoming, Lackawanna, Wayne, Susquehanna, Bradford, Sullivan, Tioga

    Bob Behanna 

    State Section Director, State Section Five


    George Medich

    State section Director, State Section Nine

    Green, Washington, Allegheny,

    Sam Colosimo

    State Section Director, State Section Ten

    Westmoreland, Indiana, Armstrong, Clarion, Jefferson, Clearfield

    James Krug

    State Section Director, State Section Eight,

    Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Mercer, Vernango

    Fred Lane

    State Section Director, State Section six

    Erie, Crawford, Warren, Forest, McKean, Elk, Cameron, Potter,

    James Krug

    State Section Director, State Section Eight

    Bedford, Fulton, Blair, Huntingdon, Centre, Mifflin, Clinton, Cambria, Somerset

    John Weaver

    State Section Director, State Section 11

    Franklin, Adams, Cumberland, York

    Wayne Gracy

    Assistant State Section Director

    Legal Advisor


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Sheraton Bucks County Hotel
400 Oxford Valley Road
Langhorne, PA 19047

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Check-in Time: 03:00 PM

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Friday night 4:30 pm - 10:30 pm - $25.00

5 - Speakers - Saturday Ticket - $35.00

Banquet Dinner Saturday Night Ticket - $38.00

Friday night & Saturday Day Ticket  $95.00

Full Day Saturday including Banquet Ticket $60.00

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Friday night,  June 7, 2019  4:30 pm - 10:30 pm, Upper Level -$25

Updated speakers should be updated...soon!

Below are speaker from our 2019 conference

    5:00 pm         Dr. Nick Platco, 10 Top UFO Trace Cases


    6:00 pm         Fred Saluga,  Erie PA

    7:15 pm         Cocktails with speakers, Cash Bar & Appetizers

    8:30 pm         Bill Birnes, Presidents and UFO’s

Saturday,  June 8th, Ground level,  9:00 am to 10:30 pm  Ticket $35.00

    9:00 - 10:00 am,       Sam Maranto  O’Hare - Tinley Park UFOs

   10:30 - 12 noon,       James Krug -  Apollo 11


    12:00 - 1:00 pm,        Lunch at local venues in Oxford Valley

    1:00 - 2:15 pm,         Peter Moon - Montauk Project

    2:30 - 3:45 pm,         Stg. James Penniston & Gary Osborn -

                                        The Rendlesham Enigma

    4:00 - 5:30 pm,         Major George Filer - Military Encounter

    6:00 - 10:30 pm,       Dinner Buffett & Speaker and Q and A $38.00                                     

Venders will be present, to request information contact: fsaluga@aol.com

About our Presenters:

Nicholas Platco: Top 10 UFO Physical Trace Cases. Physical trace UFO reports were labeled Close Encounters of the Second Kind (CE-II) by  Dr. J.Allen Hynek and involve instances where there was a physical interaction between the UFO and its environment. Usually these involve a landing trace, such as depressed grass or soil, but also burned or broken vegetation, residues, and more exotic traces. The program UFO Physical Trace Cases by Dr. Nicholas Platco presents 10 of the top physical traces cases-cases of high strangeness that involved multiple witnesses. The cases presented by Dr. Platco represent just 10 trace/landing events from a UFO database of over 4000 such events. Dr. Nicholas Platco is a retired Astronomy and Meteorology professor at Penn State University. He is a member of MUFON and has been a Field Investigator for MUFON since his retirement in 2015. Dr. Platco currently lives in Skipack, Pennsylvania. His field investigation work for MUFON includes Montgomery County and some of the surrounding counties in Pennsylvania.

George Filer
Military Encounter with UFOs. George Filer saw his first UFO in 1962 when he was flying a tanker plane for the Air Force to refuel fighters over England. The control tower sent his plane to investigate a UFO on the radar, near Stonehenge. His plane dove from 33,000 feet to 1,000 feet to find it. His second encounter came a few years ago, from the bedroom of his Medford Lakes home, which faces Briarwood Lake. “I woke at 4 am”, he said, “The bedroom was filled with light pouring in from the window.  I saw a UFO surfacing. It looked like a submarine coming out of the water, a blue ionization.” Filer spent 20 years in the Air Force, logging over 5,000 hours in the air.  For most of his career he was an intelligence officer. He briefed generals in Vietnam after receiving UFO reports over the DMZ. [demilitarized zone].  Since he retired, Filer has become East Coast director of the Mutual UFO Network, the nation’s largest UFO organization. From his home office he edits a weekly internet newsletter called Filer’s Files. ufofiler.com

Jim Penniston, Co-Author of Encounter in Rendlesham Forest: The Inside Story of the World's Best-Documented UFO Incident, is USAF Security Forces/Retired. He entered the Air Force in 1973 and served over twenty years active duty in the US Air Force. He was assigned to the Strategic Air Command Elite Guard in Omaha Nebraska, providing security for General Officers, Congressmen, Foreign Heads of States, and the President and members of his Cabinet. Penniston held key assignments throughout the world. Including service in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He wrote defense, security, counter-terrorism, and contingency plans for the USAF and NATO. Additionally, he provided security support for Air Force One, and other classified aircraft weapon systems. Penniston held for the majority of his twenty year career, a U.S. TOP SECRET/BI/SCI and a NATO TOP SECRET COSMIC/ATOMAL security clearance. Sergeant Penniston and his team were "First Responders" to a security investigation of a craft-of-unknown-origin, located just outside RAF Woodbridge, England. In December 1980 that case, is known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident, and is the most documented account in military history. Jim is a frequent lecturer and presenter at numerous MUFON and other related events and conferences of similar subject matter. A speaker at two National Press Club events; His first responders account of the Rendlesham Forest Incident has been featured worldwide on numerous television and radio programs. In addition, Penniston has been a contributor to other books concerning this phenomenon. After retirement he has worked as a Human Resource Manager for manufacturing and county government in Illinois. James graduated from college in 2003, with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. James has been active in the Rendlesham Forest Investigation from the onset. He and his fellow witnesses have pursued the seeking of the truth from then to present day. He has worked and appeared for the following television and production companies during that pursuit: London Weekend Television, BBC 3, BBC 2, Sci Fi Channel, A&E, Discovery Channel, ABC Television, History Channel, Tokyo Broadcasting Television Japan, ABC Television Australia, Tower Productions, Mentorn Productions, MPH Entertainment, FOX Productions, Prometheus Pictures and many other television and radio programs.Born in Monroe, Wisconsin, in 1954. James was raised in the mid-west. After graduation from High School. James entered the Air Force in 1973 and was immediately chosen for special duty with the SAC Elite Guard in Omaha Nebraska, where he worked security for the SAC Command Post, General Officers, Congressmen and the President of the United States. James volunteered for re-assignment in 1975 to RAF Alconbury England where he worked in flight operations. He was then reassigned in 1977 to Malmstrom A.F.B. Montana, as a Flight Security Controller for the protection and launch readiness of twenty Minuteman ICBM’s. In June 1980, James received orders to the infamous 81st Tactical Fighter Wing at RAF Bentwaters England, then the largest tactical fighter wing in the Air Force. While there, James worked flight operations till the incident and then was promoted to the position of Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) of Security Police Plans and Programs. James completed his tour and left RAF Bentwaters in 1984. He arrived at Ellsworth A.F.B. South Dakota and worked in Group Pass and Registration. Later that year he assumed the position of NCOIC of Security Police Group Plans and Programs at Ellsworth A.F.B., South Dakota. After three years, James was then assigned to Bitburg AB, Federal Republic of Germany in 1987, where he worked flight operations, and NCOIC of Security Police Resource Management. He remained assigned to Bitburg while serving in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After the Gulf War, James was re-assigned to Grissom A.F.B., Indiana working flight operations, till his retirement from the Air Force in November 1993. James also had twenty-three temporary duty assignments while in, which encompassed the entire globe, at various times during his tenure in the Air Force.

Gary Osborn, Rendlesham Forrest Incident, Since January 2011, Gary has been working with Jim Penniston (ex USAF retired) and John Burroughs (ex USAF retired) - primary witnesses of the Rendlesham UFO Forest Incident in December 1980. In particular; an independent study of the Penniston Binary Code. Work is still in progress and the findings thus far are no less than phenomenal. In early 2012, Gary was a guest on the Behind the Paranormal radio show with hosts Paul and Ben Eno, along with guests Jim Penniston and John Burroughs. Gary has written two books with former "co-author" Philip Gardiner - The Serpent Grail 2005 and The Shining Ones (released August, 2006). Gary's ideas and theories were first presented in The Serpent Grail, by which he was able to present a fresh new interpretation of the Grail (the three levels) and also properly define the mystery of the 'Philosopher's Stone', and all in terms of cyclical phenomena and what our physicist's know today as 'zero-point energy’. His own contributions comprise the first half of the book. In 2009 Gary began work on a book project with author Scott Creighton, and between them they co-authored a radical and groundbreaking book about the true purpose of the pyramids of Giza, 'The Giza Prophecy'. The foreword was kindly written by best-selling author, Graham Hancock, and was released in the USA and Canada, January 2012, and in the UK, 1st February 2012. Gary has written a series of articles for both Mindscape and Heretic Magazines of which he is a regular contributor, and also New Dawn magazine with Scott Creighton. Gary has appeared on BBC Radio Nottingham and also The James Whale Show Talk Sport, and has also presented 'The Serpent Grail' in a series of lectures - appearing at The Theosophical Society in London, QuestCon 05, organized every year by friend and fellow author Andrew Collins, and also BUFORA (British UFO Research Association). Gary has been a guest on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Radio show Revelations with host William Henry, also Behind the Paranormal with hosts Paul and Ben Eno, and also Coast to Coast AM with host George Noory. He has been 'Author of the Month' twice on the Graham Hancock Website to promote the books The Serpent Grail (2005) and The Giza Prophecy. (2012). Gary's work has been featured on the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association Website and also Sub Rosa Magazine and Hera - an Italian magazine. Gary Osborn was born in Camberwell, London. Brought up in Peckham, London, Gary attended Peckham Park Primary and then William Penn Grammar in Dulwich, London. Gary is married to writer, professor, and TV presenter Heather Elizabeth Osborn, and they are currently living in the US.

The  2004 O’Hare and Tinley Park Encounters: Sam Maranto is the State Director for Illinois MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and a certified Field Investigator. He's also the State Representative for the Disclosure Project. Sam has been involved in two major mass sighting investigations (Tinley Park and Rockford) as well as numerous other investigations throughout a period of over 10 years. His research into the UFO phenomenon started in 1964. He is also a UFO witness and had his first sighting in 1959. Sam has been an Independent Insurance Broker for 25 years. Samuel is an Investigative Researcher best known for his work on the Tinley Park Mass Sightings of 2004 and the Chicago O’Hare Gate C17 incident of 2006. These cases have been the features in a number of television specials and programs episodes throughout the world. The History Channel’s UFO Hunters episodes “Invasion Illinois & Aliens at the Airport”are two examples. Dateline NBC’s “10 Best UFO Encounters” was a major television network special that featured the video footage from the Tinley Park Mass sightings along with other well noted UFO accounts. As a frequent guest to a variety of radio shows as well as a requested public speaker, Sam makes a point to cover key fundamental facts that unshakably illustrate the genuine nature of this phenomena.

James Krug -  What happen on Board Apollo 11.

James is a PA MUFON SSD in Altoona,   He is a teacher and the Altoona Planetarium Dir. He will be speaking on Apollo 11 Mission to the moon.

Peter Moon has been researching and untangling the quantum phenomena with regard to time travel ever since he met Preston Nichols in 1990 and coauthored "The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time". While writing that book, Peter did a study of the publishing industry and discovered that the corporate structures of all major publishers indicated they were either owned or under the control of major defense contractors.  The consequence of this study was that he decided to start his own maverick publishing company, Sky Books, which is dedicated to discovering the mysteries of the universe, the primary mystery of which is, according to him, time itself.  Peter has since authored or published over a dozen books and the tag line for his company is "Sky Books: Where Science Fiction Meets Reality."  There is a remarkable irony to this tag line and that begins with time travel scientist Dr. David Anderson's own personal journey to speak to a group of scientists and science fiction writers who meet annually on the Danube River in Romania at the Atlantykron conference whose theme is "where science fiction becomes reality."  Dr. Anderson met Peter Moon right after his first visit to this conference and it seemed logical for him to unite these two unique enterprises.  Peter's books were subsequently translated into the Romanian language and his contacts in Romania afforded him the remarkable opportunity to learn about what is considered to be the most remarkable archaeological find in the history of Mankind.  This information came through Radu Cinamar, a member of Department Zero, the most secretive of Romania's intelligence bureaus which deals in occult operations. This discovery concerns an ancient sphinx located in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania and near the border of the famous land known as Transylvania.  This sphinx, unknown to most of the outside world, rests hundreds of meters over a mysterious chamber inside the mountain which, according to Radu, houses remarkable technology, one aspect of which is that can read out the DNA of humans and all other life forms, including aliens, in holographic representations. A further aspect of this technology is that it also gives a holographic pictorial history of life on earth.  This chamber also includes tunnels, one of which leads to a mysterious time travel device. While these are controversial claims, they are corroborated by the swirling political intrigue surrounding this discovery in August of 2003.  According to Radu Cinamar,  it was the Pentagon who provided the technological means so that the Romanians could access the secret chamber. The intense negotiations between Romania and the United States over this technology resulted in unprecedented diplomatic relations between the two countries. These facts are evidenced in the press with Romania becoming a member of NATO and American military bases being established in Romania.While a final conclusion is yet to be made, Peter Moon has continued his investigation into these matters which has included journeys to Romania and an annual visit to Atlantykron.  The professors there have taught him that the ancient ruins of Romania are based upon astropaleology, that is the study of megaliths and their relationship to the stars and, further, that these ancient calendars are pointing to an incredible future where ancient technology from long forgotten civilizations such as Atlantis, will arise again. Hence the name Atlantykron which means "time of Atlantis."Peter has published Radu Cinamar's first book "Transylvania Sunrise" and has also added his own significant discoveries as well.  He is planning to publish the rest of his works and also add in his own investigations which include correlating his findings with the Anderson Institute and the discoveries made therein. Peter has been writing and publishing books since 1990 and is internationally know for "The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time" which covers the hidden history of the Philadelphia Experiment and how the technology from that was parlayed into wild experiments in time at Montauk, New York during the Seventies and early Eighties. Most recently, Peter has worked with Dr. David Anderson, a scientist who has his own Time Travel Research Center and just made a huge splash with an appearance on Art Bell's Coast to Coast radio show last week. It is currently the hottest buzz around. David is a friend of Peter’s and sponsored his first visit to Romania where Peter was able to visit an ancient sphinx where the Romanians, with the help of the Pentagon, have discovered an ancient chamber full of high technology which includes a projection hall which shows the history of the world. There are also sophisticated biological scanning devices and other technology which is a science fiction author's dream. Peter is currently the only author to write about this in English. Peter Moon c/o Sky Books Box 769 Westbury, NY 11590 516-681-0273 skybooks@yahoo.com

MUFON National Symposium coming July 26 to 29, 2019 in Irvine California,