Who said UFO’s

don’t Exist?

Jennifer W. Stein, at National Museum of the United States  Air Force near Dayton Ohio, August 2012, in front of a 1950 Canadian built Avrocar. This experimental air craft was built by A. V. Roe using special exhaust turbojet engines to create downward thrust enabling the vehicle to float on a cushion of air, or accelerate at high speed and gain altitude. The project was scraped in 1952. Imagine what their building today!

Special UFO New Jersey Lectures and Events

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FREE special lectures, programs, and films will be Sponsored by MUFON New Jersey at :

Atlantic Highlands Public Library, 100 First Ave, Atlantic Highlands, N.J.07716

Event descriptions and speaker listed below by date.

To be added to the email list for New Jersey event please contact

Joseph Foster

email: Joseph.Foster@MillenniumOSS.com

Cell: 908-433-2243

If your interested in exploring some special trips with skilled tour guides here are some recommendations

Marc Brinkerhoff  ~ ET Contactee, Cosmic Metaphysician,

UFO Photographer and Lucid Remote Viewer of His ET Family

Cosmic Soul Workshop with Marc Brinkerhoff

Topics: Planes of Consciousness ~ ET Seed Atom Activation Refresher ~ Earth’s Catastrophe Cycle and Evacuation Plans ~ A Touch of New Omniversal Symbols

Join Marc for an in-depth Lecture/Workshop on Saturday, September 14, 2019.  

Time: 4pm to 7pm (time for questions after 7pm)

Place: Huntington, New York 11743  (Exact address will be provided upon booking non-refundable seat.)

Seating is very limited. Please respond ASAP.

Fee:  $35.00

Please contact Marc at:  MarcBrinkerhoff@yahoo.com or Marc_Brinkerhoff@yahoo.com to book a seat.  We will give you the location details and a link to pay.  


Marc will provide an in-depth look at the Planes of Consciousness.

We currently inhabit the First Plane here on Earth.  He will explain the dynamic of  graduating from one Plane to another and how to avoid another First Plane incarnation (if you desire so).  There are 7 Planes around all physical planets and an additional 5 Cosmic Planes above that where we still inhabit bodies.  Marc is a ‘Lucid Remote’ viewer who travels these Planes and can give us a first hand account of what to expect when we transition. He will explain what can inhibit a Soul from traversing Planes.  

Marc has been asked frequently to teach an 'ET Seed Atom Activation' Refresher. He will provide a visual handout to help you remember the steps.  We have had many reports of people meeting  or seeing through the eyes of their own Higher Selves and Oversouls.  It is an activation he brought in from space and teaches in his Higher Self and Oversoul form when out-of-body

on the 6th Plane and higher. It actually activates all 7 chakras

of Earth plus the 5 Cosmic chakras to the 12th level.

The Earth’s Catastrophe Cycle is ramping up.  Prophesies

from Nostradamus, The Bible, The Blue Kachina Prophesy and Crop Circles speak of these events. Astrophysicists and Geologists have some surprising timelines. Marc even had two prophetic visions, one at 7 years old and another in 1978 which make sense now more than ever. We were also given a tip on this  recently by Ingo Swann who transitioned to the other side in 2013.  He still tunes in occasionally as we were family in another life in space.  The Ashtar Intergalactic Command is waiting to beam us all up.  Marc will explain the process.

Marc will touch on a few new Omniversal Symbols that most people have not seen yet, including an 'Ascension Symbol' which miraculously appeared on our cell phone a few weeks ago as a dear friend passed over to the other side.

We hope to hear from you ASAP regarding this lecture.

You can call us at this number, if you need more info. ->

Home#: 212-580-7663

(*There is an answering machine on. Please just leave a

message and we will call you back.  We will pick up the phone

if we are home.)

Have a good weekend.

Peace, Joy & Light,

Marc & Phyllis

UFO Photographer, My ET Encounters & Mystic Art:


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YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/MarcBrinkerhoff

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/marc.brinkerhoff