As publisher of the nationally distributed UFO Magazine, editor of The UFO Encyclopedia published by Pocket Books, and co-author, with the nation’s top radio talkshow host, George Noory, of A Worker In The Light, Dr. Birnes has added to his list of publications in the UFO/Paranormal field, which include: The Day After Roswell, Unsolved UFO Mysteries, and The Haunting of the Presidents.

He starred in UFO Hunters (2008–2009) as leader of an investigative team of fellow UFO-logists, and later wrote a book by the same name documenting his experiences on the show. He is a frequent guest on the History channels “Ancient Aliens.” Birnes received his Ph.D. from New York University in 1974 while he was an Instructor of English at Trenton State College in New Jersey where he taught structural linguistics and historical linguistics as well as literature and writing.

Professor Birnes was a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, a Lily Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, and a grants award judge for the National Endowment for the Arts. Click here for additional information.