William Gazecki,’s Crop Circles, Quest For Truth

A journey into the crop circle phenomena one of the finest documentary’s about the crop circle experience. This film was shown this year at the Sundance Film Festival and received major recognition as a provocative look at this mysterious phenomenon. For more information click here.

Are We Alone

A documentary Film presenting the ideas of Dr. Zecharia Sitchen in his book Genesis Revisited, Dr. Sitchen uses ancient Sumerian language to glimpse into the ancient past, which can offer clues to understanding today’s For more information on Dr. Zecharia Stichen, check out his website. To get a free copy of the movie, click here.

Heaven’s Mirror

Graham Hancock presents astonishing astronomical links to ancient megalithic architecture on the planet, with repeating mythologies, and religious observances that point to an ancient civilized society around the globe. For more information go to Grahm Hancock's website.

Crop Circles: What are they?

A film by Grisley Adams giving the detail back ground information about crop circles followed by photos and film from Jennifer Stein’s crop circle research trips will be presented. We will also take a moment of silence to remember those americans who lost their lives in the World Trade Tower tragedy one year ago.

Historical note: This very first program drew over 40 people.

Jennifer say’s she learns more form those who come and share what they know with others than what she prepares to present. On the very first night Sept 11th 2002, Jennifer reported over 50 people attended the first ever program. This being an historic event for our country “ the one year anniversary of 911.” Information about any of these programs is available by request