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The UAP mystery is becoming less of a mystery as scientists, former military and business professionals are now taking this subject seriously. SCU now has a membership of over 170 incredibly talented and capable people dedicated to the scientific study of this mystery.

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Be part of the Global Reveal of Unseen Footage

"Join Scientists, PHDs and Experts at the "UFO Disclosure Symposium"

Together we will view and discuss the ground breaking footage filmed by highly trained technicians with FLIR-Infared equipment of 4 seperate UFO encounters.

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2022 MUFON International Symposium: "UFOs in the Spotlight"

The 52nd Annual Int'l MUFON Symposium features outstanding Historians, Filmmakers, Researchers, Journalists and Witnesses sharing their journey and knowledge. Come join us July 7-10, 2022 at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel in Denver, CO.

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