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Tuesday, March 19, 2024-7:30 pm EST-  "Are You 100% Human? Let’s Find Out!"  via Zoom-Connie Bell-Dixon

Explore how connected you are to other worlds through feelings and experiences you may have had as a child as well as now. You may also realize your intergalactic connections and your purpose here on earth.  We will review a few of the intergalactic terms and species as well as answer a series of questions to find out if you are more human or more galactic. As Neil DeGrasse Tyson once said...everyone has Stardust in their blood!

About Connie Bell-Dixon— Connie has a bachelor's degree in education, In 2010 Connie founded the Lansdale and Philadelphia area Psychic Development Group. She is a Reiki master practitioner and teacher. She offers many classes in metaphysics as well as doing one-on-one readings, healing, mediumship, and Inner Child work with a metaphysical twist.

Connie's journey started with metaphysical experiences as a child. As she grew, the dreams/visions/spirit encounters increased. Connie has studied to understand since her late teens and she continues to explore the wonderful world of energy.  She teaches many classes in hopes they can help you progress on your spiritual journey. Contact Connie at or on where all events are posted.

Tuesday, April 16th, 2024 at 7:30 PM EST, Frank Chille will present "Off-Planet Technology Revealed" on Zoom.
Chille has dedicated 45 years to seeking arcane knowledge, focusing on health, metaphysics, ancient civilizations, and comparative religions. His extensive experience includes encounters with individuals having mostly unknown contactee experiences. Notably, he was a close associate of William Tompkins, an insider to secretive technology. Chille has firsthand exposure to advanced technology products, extensive domestic and international travel, and a background in public speaking and seminar leadership on diverse subjects, including energy studies and lighting effects on health.

Moreover, Chille has made appearances on radio and TV programs, including GAIA TV, and has for eight years served as an associate producer for the Jeff Rense Program. His professional portfolio includes training individuals and marketing teams across the country, as well as conducting forensic corporate accounting for a Fortune 100 firm in three states. Recently, he managed a firm with a unique product for the transportation and heavy equipment markets.

The event promises to cover a wide array of intriguing topics, including advanced technology, ancient civilizations, and much more. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at 7:30 pm EST, Keith Seland-2024-The Rocks Continue to Talk! 

All our world’s ancient cultures left countless artifacts and recorded symbolic stories correlating cosmic experiences and teaching knowledge of kachinas, star people, ETs (gods and deities) and archaeoastronomy to their societies and aligned with their similar existential worldviews for our study. 

Having just returned from a 2023 expedition schedule to many archaeological sites in ancient Egypt, Anatolia (Turkey & Armenia) and Native America, Keith will unpack many discoveries and drive discussions of ancient worldwide civilization universals in the process. He will share his most recent findings from Gobekli and Karahan Tepes, Ḉatalhöyük, Egypt, America's Stonehenge, Cahokia, Arizona, Utah and more. These discoveries are framed through a lens of preparation for imminent new ET relationships our society will be forming very soon. Preparation is most beneficial and existential, and his audience will be educated on driving through the most exciting adventure our species may ever encounter!

Keith will explain his discoveries and insights by disclosing worldwide ancient similarities of culture and decoding the meanings of some of their symbolic communications. These discussions include the intricate alignments of their anomalous worldwide cultural evolutions, profound spiritualities, cosmic connections, archaeoastronomy, ETs, gods, deities, and similar correspondences with modern civilization & culture.   

Foundations for how modern humankind should, can, (and must proactively learn much from our ancestral cultures in these many ways) is underway to prepare us for global recognition of extraterrestrial intelligences and those future relationships that will inevitably be part of our future.