Dream Interpretation

Barbara Kauffman has studied and taught dream interpretation for over ten years. The International Board for Regression Therapy certifies her as a Past Life Regression Therapist and she is a member of the International Association for Counselors and Therapists and the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Villanova University and has completed certified graduate programs at the Monroe Institute in the area of development and exploration of human consciousness. Barbara is also a certified energy therapist, utilizing Advanced Energy Healing Techniques. For more information visit her website.

Transformation of the common Man

The Brian Scott story is the book written by film producer James Frazier about Brian Scott’s experiences. Brian Scott and his Wife Marla will discuss Brian’s personal experiences, present some film footage of his experiences followed by open dialogue with Brian and Marla about their own personal transformations. For more information visit the website.

Crop Circle presentation

Was held at Earth Speaks 654 Lancaster Ave, in Berwyn Pa 19312 call 610-640-0706 to register. Jennifer Stein will show photos from this summers formations, discuss the current theories and show film clips from top researches in the field discussing their research results, experiences and views on the topic.

Roswell Crash stories

Tom Carey will discuss his in depth study of the Roswell crash stories. He will educate us on the recent archaeological dig at the Roswell crash site, which was sponsored by the Sci Fi Channel, which Don Schmitt & Tom Carey were the investigative consultants.

The dig was conducted under the field supervision of the University of New Mexico's Department of Contract Archaeology. His latest work can be found on the Sci Fi Channel's web site as follows: www.scifi.com/roswellcrash. Mr. Schmitt and Mr. Carry just published a new book titled, WITNESS TO ROSWELL, which is available through Amazon

Recollections of Roswell

Video taped interviews of eyewitnesses of the two most famous UFO crash sites in New Mexico in July of 1947. Testimony of individuals from all backgrounds and ages creates a unique lens to view these events. These individuals and their families’ lives were permanently changed by these horrific events. They are brave souls to have weathered the criticism and forced suppression of their stories for over 50 years. Film runs 105 minutes.

Chemtrails, What Are They?

Clay Douglas narrates a documentary about the visible phenomenon of jet exhaust that does not evaporate but instead often turns grey to black and covers the sky over many large cities. These visible trails maybe linked to a large increase in upper respiratory track infections and deaths across the United States and Europe. For more information see www.chemtrailcentral.com or www.strangehaze.freeservers.com

Zechari Sitchin: Genesis Revisited

Is Modern Science catching up with Ancient Knowledge. Mr. Sitchin will lecture at the Central Free Library of Philadelphia, 1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia Pa 19103 at 2:00 followed by questions and answers and a book signing. Jennifer Stein will introduce him for more information visit: www.stichin.com

Video Geometric Metaphors of Life

Video Geometric Metaphors of Life is a lecture given by Stan Tenen from the Mer Foundation in California. Learn about the inherent Cartesian coordinate system revealing an underlying code imbedded in the fundamental sequence of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and thus also the English alphabet. Mr. Tenten provides perceptual pattern recognition derived from contemporary mathematical thought to illuminate our understanding of the Ancient scripture, known as Torah. For more information see: www.meru.org or, www.meetingtent.com

Jennifer Stein presented on Crop Circles

Jennifer Stein presented on Crop Circles to the Para Study Inc. 354 Valley Brook Road, Chester heights Pa 19017 610-459-2779 for more information. Crop Circles Ultimate signs from space, a new film by Peter Robins from New York, will be shown and discussed.

Stalking the Wild Pendulum

Learn about, Itzhak Bentov, author of Stalking the Wild Pendulum, & A Cosmic Book, Written on the topic of the mechanics of creation and consciousness. A scientist/inventor who blended analytical knowledge with intuitive insight creating a holographic view of the universe.

Experiments with sound

Learn about Hans Jenny’s. A Swiss physician, Experiments with sound. Dr. Jenny experimented with animating inert substances with audible sound, caught on super 8 films and early video in the 60’s and 70’s. Inspired by the teachings or Rudolph Steiner, Dr. Jenny’s work continues to be the springboard for theoretical physics today. Bringing Matter to life with Sound, Interview with Peter Guy Manners. For more information see: www.cymaticsource.com

The Mystery of the Sphinx

Presented by John Anthony West. View a 95-minute film about exciting new theories that date the age of great sphinx as 10,500 years due to water erosion of the stone. Film includes interviews with geologist Dr. Robert Schoch and Seismologist Dr. Thomas Dobecki presenting compelling evidence for rethinking our ancient history. For more information see: www.world-mysteries.com

The Disclosure Project

Learn about the Disclosure project coordinated by Dr. Steven Greer. We will what part of the four hour video taped press conference which took place at the National Press club in Washington D. C. on May 9th 2001 where Dr. Greer presented a witness panel of former Government representatives who agreed to disclose in depth information regarding their knowledge of UFO activity as it related to their line of work. For more information see: www.disclosureproject.org (Center for Study of ET Intelligence)