Bill Weber

Bill Weber is the MUFON State Director for Delaware. While in Pennsylvania, acting as the Chief Investigator for the State, Bill was responsible for a team of State Section Directors and Certified Field Investigators.

Bill has held numerous positions within MUFON during the last 25 years he has been with them. As a Certified Field Investigator, Bill has investigated over 100+ cases.

These case reports ranged from anomalous lights, orbs and objects up to and including possible abduction cases. Bill actively supports his team of Certified Investigators and staff in Delaware.

Bill has presented his research at the MUFON PA state conferences in 2011, 2013 and 2017. He has also participated as a guest speaker on WHFR / FM radio show “ We Are Not Alone “ , from the Dearborn / Detroit, MI area and also the “ Late Night in The Midlands “ radio show from Columbia, SC.

Most recently, Bill was the guest speaker on the “ UFO’s Over Pennsylvania” TV show which was aired on PCTV 21, Pittsburgh, PA.Contact Bill

Bill Weber can present on the following topics:


Presentation speaks to who MUFON is, what we do as well as membership roles and responsibilities. Discussion regarding our beginnings, investigative techniques and requirements to become a Certified MUFON Field Investigator.

IFOs, what are we seeing in our Sky’s?

Presentation outlines various natural and man-made objects, which are often mistaken for UFO’s. References and photographs from actual MUFON cases are presented and unknowns are identified.

UFO’s and Technology….. a subjective overview

Presentation begins with discussion of technology gleaned from a crash recovery in the Black Forest Germany in the 1930’s to the 1947 Roswell crash. Various alleged German UFO’s are shown. Alleged modern technology can be attributed to the knowledge and items recovered, which are in place today in Military, Medical and Aerospace industries.

MUFON Case 47,000….. a mid-air collision??

This presentation is an actual “ongoing” MUFON case which started off as reported object(s) in the sky and turned out to almost result in a min-air collision. This event occurred back in 2013 over the greater Danielsville / Allentown area. Actual radar tracking is shown to reveal the actual collision paths, as well as the approximate size of the unknown.